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It is important to get this done straight away, just in case there are any problems: 

Ensure that you have Invivo software installed on your Windows computer and that you have taken the online tutorial on using the application (links below).  


We recommend practising with some of the provided cases so that you are fully familiar with the software before the course date.  

Invivo Viewer Download:


Invivo Viewer v5.2 is the software that we will use for the class exercises.  This does not run on an Apple Mac or on mobile devices.  

Invivo Viewer can be downloaded from:

Error messages when loading Invivo Viewer v5.2:

Invivo view requires Microsoft Visual C++ to be on your operating system.  For the majority of PCs this is already there.  If it is not on your system you will get the following message when you try to install Invivo Viewer:

'Failed to load module anatomageSDK.dll'

If you get this message please install the following Microsoft Visual C++2010 Redistributable Packages (x86) and (x64):

If your OS is 32-bit, then you will only need the x86 package.

If your OS is 64-bit, please install both packages

Once the Package is loaded make sure that you reboot your computer before trying to load Invivo again.

If your machine stubbornly refuses to run Invivo 5.2, downloading the older version (v5.0) should do the trick.  This can be downloaded from:


Cases for the course:

We will be using a selection of anonymised cases during the day.  You will need to have these cases downloaded onto your Windows computer so that you can access them with Invivo Viewer during the course.

Please ensure that you download the entire cases folder.  The cases folder can be downloaded from:


Invivo Tutorial:

If you are not already familiar with Invivo Viewer we have an online tutorial at:

If you have any problems with the above please let us know.

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